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About Olive & Clyde

Once upon a time, Moriya and Haley were chuggin' along, doing the 9-5 (or let's be honest, 8-7) thing as Creative Director and Director of Brand Strategy of an ecommerce company in Indiana. Though they loved their work and their coworkers, they needed a creative outlet – something of their own to build however they wanted. Over sides of mac n' cheese and a giant chocolate chip cookie (or maybe three), they decided to create a little greeting card company and name it after their dogs – because why not?

They wanted to build something they could pour their hearts into and have fun doing it. So they did, and here it is – and now they're working on growing and turning Olive & Clyde into more than just a hobby.

Meet the Team


His favorite treat
Is a fresh baby carrot.
Crunch! Such a weird dog.


Co-CCO (Chief Canine Operator)

Clyde enjoyed an illustrious four years at Yale before embarking on a career in finance at some of the nation’s most respected Fortune 500 companies, including The Chair in the Office and The Big Blue Couch. He’s regularly consulted for speaking engagements regarding chasing squirrels up trees and eating Kleenex boxes, and he’s proud to have won the 2015 National Sleeping Association Award for Most Hours Slept in One Day. At Olive & Clyde, he’s responsible for sniffing each package before it goes in the mail and getting dog hair all over photo shoot setups.


She knows where to sit:
Under the kids as they eat.
It’s just smart planning.


Co-CCO (Chief Canine Operator)

The president of the Frisbee club at her community college, Olive has over 8 years of experience in leadership and strong opinions about issues as varied as food and going outside. She writes regularly on her award-winning industry blog, “Licking Your Own Butt,” and is known nationally for her expertise in creative idea development and balancing objects on her head. Olive prefers to spend her free time outside in nature or lounging around the house, working on her poetry. At Olive & Clyde, she heads up the company culture committee and regularly leads brainstorming initiatives.


Two important notes:
Does best work at 3 a.m.
Hates eating veggies.


Co-Founder, Cheese Lover, Grammar Queen

Haley decided to be an English major in college because she loved words – how they bring people together, how they create shared experiences, and how they take those things in life that are hard to define and make them real. This love for words has taken her from a career as a high school English teacher to online marketing & consulting and now to Olive & Clyde, where she loves helping find the right words for people to reach out to others. Haley lives with her husband, a left-brain programmer who fully supports her cheese habit, and splits her time between Indianapolis and Cincinnati. She’s so happy to have found a way to create things with one of her best friends and loves nothing better than when people get excited about one of their cards.


She prefers french fries
But will sometimes eat salads.
Let’s be real: no kale.


Co-Founder, Child-Wrangler Extraordinaire, IPA connoisseur (Latter two titles are not mutually exclusive)

Moriya feels extremely lucky to have found a business partner in one of her closest friends. Not everyone understands her weird sense of humor (with the exception of her husband), and being able to pour her heart into Olive & Clyde has helped to maintain her mental stability. Her two kids, ages one and three, are both insane and the loves of her life (again, with the exception of her husband). Olive will always be her first baby, although she has found the best way to get attention at this point is to puke on the carpet or destroy a sippy cup. Moriya hates bad fonts and snobby people, and loves putting drawing pencil to paper and pretending to be a writer when Haley isn’t looking.